Restruct® Protein Bond Conditioner
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Protein Bond Conditioner

Protein, your hair needs it as much as your skin. Now the miracle protein that powers Restruct® Facial Remapping Cream gives new life to hair.

A deep, reparative conditioner infused with biological proteins that bond with hair, helping rebuild and rehabilitate damaged tresses caused by UV exposure, chemical processes, styling, age and other assaults. Suffuses dry, frail, porous hair with emollients, nutrients, and select oils. Imparts listless hair volume, shine and touchable softness. Fragrance-free.

  • Imbued with the remarkable Restruct® protein to deeply repair, deeply condition, and deeply nourish hair.
  • Rehabilitates aging, frail, porous hair.
  • Suffuses brittle locks with moisture, emollients and nurturing oils.
  • Strengthens hair shaft.
  • Imparts volume, shine and touchable softness.
  • Fragrance-free.

After shampooing, apply generously to hair, coating every strand; allow 2-3 minutes to permeate, Rinse thoroughly.

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  • 5 Fl. Oz. 
  • $41.00

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