Acclimate® Multi-UV Inhibitor Anti-Oxidant Lotion SPF 15
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Multi-UV Inhibitor Anti-Oxidant Lotion SPF 15


After much anticipation, Acclimate is back with renewed vigor, enhanced anti-oxidants and sunscreens. You might not even notice the improvements, but your skin knows all. These new formulas represent the most potent, advanced anti-oxidants, ever.

  • Integrates a potent 10% anti-oxidant "cocktail" to create a barrier around skin.
  • Aids the skin in the preservation of the lipid barrier.
  • Helps prevent transepidermal moisture loss. Prevents dehydration.
  • Delivers a constant stream of moisture to the skin.
  • Promotes a healthy pH mantle.
  • Contains essential fatty acids.
  • Employes skin-identical, biogenic Ceramides to help skin produce more lipids.

Distribute Acclimate evenly to face and throat, ever morning. Avoid eye areas.

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  • 1.7 oz. 
  • $60.00

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