In the Clear Active Skin Solution
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In the Clear

Active Skin Solution

This advanced solution contains the effective over-the-counter (OTC) drug, Salicylic Acid, to create a bacteria-free zone on skin to halt acne-blemishes. Helps keep pores clear and unplugged, and retard oil overflow. Contains micro "sponges" made of nylon to absorb oil and keep skin (and makeup) fresh and matte.

  • Dries-up acne-blemishes without drying-out skin.
  • Keeps pores "unplugged."
  • Helps temper acne-blemishes.
  • Promotes a hygienic, bacteria-free zone on skin.
  • Lightly hydrates.
  • Safe and effective for adolescents and adults.
  • Keeps skin (and makeup) fresh and matte all day.
  • Contains the OTC ingredient, Salicylic Acid.
  • Clear of Oil. Clear of Dye. Clear of Fragrance.

Apply 1-2 pumps of solution over clean, toned skin. Avoid eyes! Caution: Use of other topical preparations is discouraged unless prescribed by a physician.

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