Bottom Lines Deep-Seated Wrinkle Minimizer
for Eyes and Upper Lip

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Bottom Lines

Deep-Seated Wrinkle Minimizer
for Eyes and Upper Lip

Minimize the depth and severity of crow’s feet and vertical lines of the upper lip. Unique gel matrix releases tension-wrinkles and targets deep recessed lines. Helps re-align and smooth skin’s surface.

Micro-exfoliants immediately work on visible surface imperfections—fine lines and discoloration—while stabilized Retinol pursues deeper recessed wrinkles.

Brightens, renews, and fades dark circles. Dampens dryness and delivers focused hydration.

Clinically-developed peptides help release tension-wrinkles and reduce creasing.

Bio-derived yeast helps reduce fatigue and puffiness, soothe irritation, and encourage cellular exchange. Empowered with Lutein, a powerful anti-oxidant. Potentiates skin firmness and collagen activity.

Delivers pronounced skin renewal benefits.

  • Employs Retinol to smooth and resurface skin.
  • Incorporates stable Vitamin C to brighten, renew and correct discoloration.
  • Effectively addresses vertical lines of the upper lip and corner mouth.
  • Reduces puffiness, stimulates micro-circulation.
  • Releases tension-wrinkles with clinically-developed Hexapeptide molecules.
  • Micro-exfoliants penetrate the deepest recesses of lines and wrinkles.
  • Firms, tightens, anti-ages.
  • Multi-source proteins help rebuild and strengthen weakened skin.
  • Contains a skin firming extract derived from fungi.

Smooth and pat a small amount to eye and upper lip areas, nightly.

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