Recuperate® DNA Topical Serum
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Recuperate® DNA

Topical Serum

A biomimetic serum which helps address the multiple precursors and consequences of irritation.

Dynamic Functions

  • Helps lessen the damaging effects of inflamm-aging—premature aging said to be associated with irritation.
  • Helps target acute and chronic irritation and maintain the integrity of skin's barrier.
  • Can help strengthen dilated capillaries and decrease the visible appearance of redness.
  • Charged with highly researched, biomimetic peptides that help suppress irritation and swelling.
  • Helps recharge depleted resources due to daily environmental exposure.
  • Helps rehydrate skin's multiple layers.
  • Helps alleviate superficial facial redness.
  • Heightens skin's immune response to internal and external irritants.
  • Helps quell the effects of inflamm-aging—premature aging associated with irritation.
  • Helps rebuild and maintain skin's barrier function—tantamount to skin's ability to withstand irritants.
  • An iconic pillar in legendary ILONA skincare.
  • Benefits all degrees and dimensions of the skin.

Apply a few drops to all facial regions, prior to additional skincare. Properly cleanse skin before application of this or any serum.

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