Bottom Lines SR+ Dewrinkling Concentrate
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Bottom Lines SR+

Dewrinkling Concentrate

We’ve taken retinol to new lows—the deepest recesses of fine lines and wrinkles—to deliver conspicuous wrinkle-reduction.

Our Slow Release retinol descends deep, helping dewrinkle furrowed facial features marked by time, lifelong sun exposure, neglect and imprudent care.

Deploys a specific peptide sequence to induce collagen and revolumize skin; helps relax tension-wrinkles and reduce their depth and severity.

Contains a complexity of plant extracts to refinish, smooth and further correct skin's appearance.

  • Sustained release retinol works topically and on deepest lines and wrinkles.
  • Contains a specific peptide to lessen and relax tension-wrinkles.
  • Induces collagen formation.
  • Visibly de-ages skin, improving surface irregularities and skin tone.
  • Helps reduce pore diameter.
  • Redensifies.

Apply to clean, dry skin every P.M. Smooth concentrate over face and throat (avoid eye area). Wait 5 to 10 minutes; continue with recommended nighttime preparations. Do not combine use with Inside-Out Multi-Level Refining Complex, AHAs or other retinoid products.

PRECAUTIONS: If redness or tingling persists, reduce frequency to every other night and gradually increase as tolerated. Limit sun exposure. Use a daily sunblock.

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