Buoyancy® ReOxygenating Moisture Complex
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ReOxygenating Moisture Complex

A revolutionary formula that resuscitates skin through “Fluoro technology,” creating an oxygen environment for skin to thrive in. Fluoro molecules present in the formula form an Oxygen Envelope that surrounds skin. Glyco proteins (extracted from yeast) help convert fluoro molecules into useful, metabolizable oxygen.

  • Restores a rosy hue to the complexion.
  • Fulfills hydration.
  • Keeps skin moist and supple.
  • Positively effects all skin functions.
  • Skin feels totally comfortable.
  • Helps inhibit destructive elastase production.
  • Returns a pliable, “buoyant” nature to the skin.
  • Resuscitates dry, aging skin.

Smooth a small amount to face and throat, nightly. Rotate use with Restruct® FRC for maximum results.

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