Restruct® Proteomic Eye Cream
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Proteomic Eye Cream

Predicated on the identical miracle molecule powering Restruct Facial Remapping Cream. Highly advanced, proteinaceous cream designed for the delicate, frail eye areas. Witness major improvements in all facets of eye regions.

  • Dynamic Functions
    • Compensates for diminishing collagen volume resulting in fine lines, wrinkles.
    • Reduces puffiness, under eye circles; helps decongest and induce circulation.
    • Critical proteins reestablish firmness, smoothness; returns youthful traits.
  • Timeline
  • Today:
    Seeds of renewal, planted; improvements begin.

    The miraculous Restruct® protein reestablishes skin firmness, density; dark circles, fine lines lessened.

    A visible transformation; the biological markers of more youthful eyes are evident.

Gently pat into all eye zones, A.M. and P.M. Cleanse area before application.

  • Size:
  • Price:
  • Qty:
  • .50 ozs. 
  • $110.00

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